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ISSN help

Title type

Please indicate 'Brand new title' for:

  • Print and/or online serial title not yet published.
  • Online serial title already published.
  • Online version of a serial title with an existing ISSN for a print version. (Give the details of the print title and the ISSN in Section 8.) .

Please indicate 'Change of title' for:

  • A proposed change of title not yet published.
  • A change of title for an online serial.

For all other requests when a serial is already in publication, please complete the PDF version of the application form and send it together with a recent copy of the serial to the ISSN UK Centre at the address given on the PDF form.

'Free' titles becoming 'paid-for' titles are considered to be already in publication. The PDF application form and a copy of the 'free' serial are required.

Section 5 Publication format

Please indicate the primary format(s) of the serial (e.g. Print, Online, CD-ROM).

It is the policy of the ISSN Network that serials published in different physical formats should have separate ISSN. However, this only applies if the serial is being published in full in these formats. Websites promoting a print publication would not require a separate ISSN.

Section 9 Publisher's details

In general, the publisher is the organisation or individual responsible for the publication. Publishers include organisations, institutions, business firms, non-profit organisations, government agencies, religious bodies, individuals etc.

Section 11 Contact details

Notification of any ISSN assigned will be sent by e-mail, where possible. It is essential that the e-mail address is entered correctly.