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The British Library is committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others. Intellectual property rights may subsist in material offered or supplied by Imaging Services. The British Library does not warrant that the use of material supplied by Imaging Services will not infringe upon the rights of third parties. It is your responsibility to determine and satisfy copyright and other use conditions before requesting reproductions of material from Imaging Services. Under UK copyright law material published after 1873, or material that is unpublished may be subject to intellectual property rights and you will be required to establish that either; copyright has expired, that your use of the material is permitted under an exception or limitation in UK or international copyright law or you have obtained permission from the copyright holder. If the material and your use of the material is restricted by UK or international copyright law you will be required to supply the original permission from the copyright holder.

Use this form to order digital images from our Map, Music, Printed Books, Asia, Pacific & Africa Collections.

We aim to process your order within 15 working days of delivery of the item to be digitised to our Studio.

Delivery times of items to our Studio varies and is dependent upon the source material to be digitised. Fragile and rare items are subject to curatorial permission and a preservation check which can add to the overall processing time of your order. Where we know that your order is likely to incur delays we will contact you to advise of this. Collection items most likely to be affected are manuscripts and rare books.

If you require the item for publication and your deadline is within the next month, please do contact us to advise of your 'need by date'.

Fields marked required are mandatory.

For help in completing the form, refer to our user guide or click on a help button at any stage of the ordering process.

Images of some of our collections are already available to buy and download straight away through Images Online, so you should check there first before ordering from our Imaging Services.

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