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Guide to completing the Imaging Services online order form


Customer Details

  • To place an order with Imaging Services you must provide your full contact details. An email address or fax number is especially helpful so that we can contact you promptly if there are any further questions relating to your order.
  • Despatch

  • All orders are normally sent via first class mail.

  • For overseas or large orders we would recommend you request delivery by registered post or courier. The additional cost is shown on the price list.

  • If you wish to collect your order in person, we can arrange for you to pick them up from the Library. When your order is complete we will contact you to arrange a convenient time and appropriate collection point.
  • Order Details

  • In the case of folios, please state whether front, back (or both) is required. Unlike pages, these have the same number for both sides of the leaf. The front is called 'recto' and is often abbreviated as r or a. The back of the leaf is called 'verso' and is usually abbreviated as v and sometimes referred to as b.
  • Order Copyright

  • When we supply your completed order, a new copyright has been created. This means that you are obliged to obtain permission from the British Library if you would like to reproduce these copies. This must be applied for separately and is not covered by this order form. Contact our Permissions department for more information.
  • Method of payment

  • Please ensure you enter details of the appropriate price, UK or International.

  • Please remember that if your company or organisation is from a European Union country and wishes to be exempt from paying VAT, you must quote your EU Tax No. and select the NET price from the price list.

  • VAT exemption does not include personal taxation numbers or orders from UK customers.

  • VAT is not applicable for orders outside of Europe.

  • Registered post or courier is optional. Please remember to add the appropriate price to your total cost if you choose either of these options.

  • All non-account orders must be paid for in advance.

  • Additional information

    If there is any other information you can provide that would help us to fulfill your order, please add here. E.g., "picture only required".