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Application for permission to reproduce British Library images

You need to apply for permission to reproduce our images. Ideally permission should be sought once you have received your material(s) and 3 months before your project comes to a close.

In order to grant a licence for you to reproduce our images in other publications / products, we need as much detail as possible about the way you intend to use the image(s).


Please fill in the following form as completely as you can. For help in completing the form, refer to our guidance notes or click on a help button at any stage of the ordering process. You can also contact our permissions staff for further assistance or if you would like a quote for the permissions fee.

Reference numbers

Please list the images that will be used. Where possible, list the title of the image and the shelf reference or manuscript number of the book or manuscript in which the image appears. Please indicate the size at which the image(s) will be reproduced on the page, relative to the size of the publication. Include details of use on front or back covers.

NB: If you need to obtain permission for more than 10 items, please email us the item details.

required denotes essential information

Items to be reproduced
  1. Do you need the hi-res image(s)?

Use of Image
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Invoice Details

Additional Information

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From time to time we may want to share your data with closely associated organisations and only then under circumstances of strict security.

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Further Information:

Permissions Department
The British Library
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Tel: +44 (0)20 7412 7755
Fax: +44 (0)20 7412 7771