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Permission application form guidance notes

The following guidance notes will help you complete the permission application form.


  1. Always quote the Picture Library or Reproductions reference numbers if you have recent copies.
  2. Supply details of the item(s) to be reproduced by giving the following information:
    1. British Library shelfmark
    2. Original reference/source
    3. Author, title and date of original item.
  3. The size the image will appear in the proposed project for example - A4 size, page etc.
  4. Provide enough information for the planned usage of the item(s) as follows:
    1. Proposed title of project
    2. Print run/duration
    3. Location of image - for example book cover, front of packaging
    4. Which countries it will be reproduced in, what are the language and territorial rights
    5. Any other relevant information to the usage
    6. The date of publication or date when the image will be reproduced (please ensure this is at least 6 months before application).

Please note:

  • All Permissions requests are subject to accepting the Library's Terms and Conditions.
  • All permissions are non-exclusive and usage(s) are as stated on the invoice.
  • Copyright of all photographs and other copies remain with the British Library.
  • If items requested are in copyright permission will not be given until the Licensor has sought permission from the copyright holder in writing.